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Let's put an end to bullying

Listen To Our Voices 

  • Community partnerships
  • Junior Leadership Program
  • Annual gala to raise funds
  • Political action in Washington, D.C.

Hope in Action

  • Workshops on empowerment 
  • Youth outreach and mentorships 
  • Vocational preparation & training
  • Family workshops

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Anti-bullying/youth violence symposium highlights

Slideshow highlights from our 12-5-14 Symposium


JMG Productions, Inc., in collaboration with the Theo Ratliff Foundation and Excellent Pediatrics hosted the ​Listen To Our Voices Anti-Bullying/Youth Violence Symposium at the Willard Intercontinental, Washington, D.C.  

Help us offer HOPE to children who fear going to school because of bullying.  Help us SAVE a child from taking his/her life or someone else's life as a result of bullying.  HELP us to stop the violence caused by bullying in schools and communities.  

Locally and nationally, JMG Productions, Inc. and the ​Listen To Our Voices ​program are vocal advocates for children and young adults, especially bullied victims, juveniles and at-risk youth. We travel to every corner of the nation to help children and schools in need.

Our projects are centered around youth.  They serve as a catalyst for youth development, empowerment and social reform.  We pride ourselves on helping young people to become agents of change for their schools, communities and ultimately, themselves.

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the issue-bullying

Bullying affects more than 5 million school children in the united states.

Support the Listen To Our Voices Anti-Bullying/Youth Violence Campaign and help to make a difference!

Since 1997, JMG Productions, Inc., the parent company of Listen To Our Voices has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for children and young adults locally and nationally on youth issues.

It is our mission to address societal challenges facing children and young adults by providing a forum for their self expression through educational initiatives, and various forms of mass media.   


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