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from a dream  to the screen

​JMG Productions, Inc., works with children and young adults from all walks of life.  Many of the youth involved in our programs share their life experiences through their own self- expression.  A lot of that self-expression is in the form of the arts.  JMG Productions, Inc., came up with the idea of giving kids a camera and some basic skill sets.  The results were astonishing.  As the youth were tasked with an assignment, they began to take ownership of the responsibility given to them.  As they became part of "the team, in essence, the family,"  they wanted to show that they could complete their task and do a good job.  We have utilized their creativity by showcasing their work at sponsored JMG Productions, Inc., and Listen To Our Voices events.

The JMG Productions team is also very excited to welcome a new group of young people starting February 2015, to learn the art of creating, writing and producing PSA's (Public Service Announcements), that are geared towards Anti-Bullying/Youth Violence Prevention. 

Many of these youth are juveniles who are at-risk, and are involved in the court system.  Whereas society may view these young people as problematic-we see them as a significant part of the solution to bullying and youth violence prevention, by using job preparation, vocational training, media and broadcasting, digital  literacy, mentoring and cultural arts exposure.  JMG Productions provides a positive life-changing immersion experience-allowing the youth to become change agents and breaking the "bully chain" links.  

In giving youth a chance to excel in life, especially juveniles who are at-risk, we can ultimately help them to become change agents for themselves, their families and communities.

Let's put an end to bullying

Listen To Our Voices 

Youth from our program worked on this mini trailer that focused on bullied victim, and now our Youth Ambassador Nadin Khoury.  The training, skills and knowledge that they obtained proved to be life changing.  It also showed the youth that they could accomplish and achieve any goal in life, with education, hard work, commitment, perseverance, discipline and a life plan.

Listen To Our Voices is a series of educational initiatives that address societal challenges facing children and young adults.  The program is designed for academia, television and the Internet.

Components of Listen To Our Voices​ includes;

  •  Campaigns centered around each educational initiative
  •  Television program
  •  Educational tour (Freedom to be Me ​Tour)
  •  Workshops on youth empowerment
  •  STEM Workshop Series, includes Cyber-Bullying
  •  Summer leadership program
  • Vocational preparation and training

JMG Productions, Inc., places great emphasis on giving the youth that we serve opportunities to work on various initiatives and programs of Listen To Our Voices